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About trading center

  ·重磅发行:2018耐材企业国际会议宣传套装     ·关于东北亚镁质材料交易中心2018年清明节休市的通知     ·[参会企业] 2018国际镁砂大会,辽宁信威环保来了!你呢?     ·关于组织企业赴德国汉堡参加2018国际镁砂大会的通知     ·关于组织企业赴巴塞罗那参加2018国际工业矿物大会的通知  



  Northeast Asia Magnesia Material Trading Center (hereinafter referred to as NAMMTC) was founded on December 23, 2013. It is a spot trading center approved by Financial Work Office, Liaoning People’s Government. Relying on the resource advantage of Liaoning as a place of origin for magnesium, it radiates to magnesium product consumer markets throughout the country and the world and provides a comprehensive service platform with a full range of trading services, financial services, information services, testing services, warehousing services and logistics services for enterprises. 

  NAMMTC adheres to the principle of “equal, fair, open, honest and trustworthy”. Combined with the characteristics of bulk stock markets, it presents new trading patterns, greatly reduces the procurement and supply costs of enterprises and completely solves numerous problems with traditional commodity trade, such as poor credit rating, low contract fulfilment, complex intermediate links and manipulation, etc. It truly realizes paperless goods trading, fully solves information source, customer source, fund settlement, supporting logistics and other trading bottlenecks and thereby improves the circulation efficiency of goods as a whole, reduce circulation costs and improve the overall competitiveness of the commodity circulation industry. By and by, NAMMTC will become a normalized and safe electronic trading center, an authoritative and objective price information center, a quality and convenient logistics service center and financing service center.


主办单位:东北亚镁质材料交易中心 地址:中国辽宁大石桥西外环路南段

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